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  • Honey Hunter

    Honey Hunter

    The background provides a typical woodland scene, with trees, shrubs and trails creating an almost secluded location, a great place to relax and enjoy a picnic. But just before you look to the right, you will spy on a honey bear that spreads across the grass! His claws are holding a honey jar, his mouth is stained with stains. If you have been too long, you will also find that after his lunch.

  • Hulu Cock

    Hulu Cock

    Come bet with the traditional Casino Table Game Hulu Cock. Its a table card game in casino and its famous in Malay!

  • Lion Emperor

    Lion Emperor

    Accepting an emperor, especially an animal, is not the one you should do easily, so it is best to pay a bet worthy of the king. This may mean that you jump directly to the Max Bet widget and invest a large 500 euros, but you don't need to do this to suppress the aggressive tendency of the lion. You can easily play 0.50 euros and still be alive. The bite of the chin was bitten, just like it.