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Joker123 Casino is fast becoming the best online casino in Malaysia because it is compatible with a variety of mobile platforms. In addition to its excellent compatibility for players, the casino also has an extensive game catalogue for them to enjoy such slot machines and classic table games. In addition, there are some interesting live dealer games for those who like gambling and real casino feelings.

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One feature of this slot machine is the auto-rotate feature, which lets you sit down while the game is playing automatically. To use this feature, simply select how many bets you want to rotate each time - including the coin value and decide how many times you want the machine to play for you.

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The Safari Heat is known for its amazing mix of animals and popular prizes. You can expect award-winning prizes including up to 25,000 coins for Gnu and Zebra, up to 40,000 coins for flamingos, and 75,000 coins. Discover rhinos and elephants. However, all of these prizes are still worth trying, but they are insignificant compared to the prizes that can be used to find all five male lions roaming these reels - an incredible 900,000 coins.

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Ocean Paradise has five reels, with 3 rows of icons and 243 ways instead of the usual payline. This means that in each rotation you have 243 different ways to win bonuses from matching symbols. You can choose your bet by selecting the plus and minus signs to increase and decrease your coin size and multiples.


Safaris is a very popular short trip and visitors will continue to visit when visiting Africa. A long time ago, these trips were often associated with large-scale hunting, but fortunately, this has become a thing of the past, as hunting is now mainly used to observe wildlife as they roam in local habitats. An interesting fact about the word "Safari" is that it comes from the "journey" in Swahili. Today, animal-based slots have become very popular, and IGT has taken note of this trend and released the game to take advantage of it.

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Rotate and win your first spinning reel, prizes up to 12,500 coins for arranging poker symbols, up to 25,000 coins for some pretty bright flowers, and up to 40,000 coins for finding some equally beautiful and bright Gold coins colored butterflies. However, their beauty is still insignificant compared to the black panthers, and prizes can also pay up to 900,000 coins for Panthers.

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Most casinos offer free Robin Hood video slot games, although the real starting point for real cash is only 0.20 per spin. All paylines are automatically activated, and a standard winning line occurs when three or more symbols of the same type are stopped on adjacent reels on the line starting from the left.

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