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There is a mirror-smooth lake that reflects the magnificent landscape in its shining reflections. The colours have been carefully modified to provide black, grey, blue and white shades that contrast sharply with the reels, giving an almost monochromatic appearance. The pagoda peeping from the edge of the scene is a sign of your arrival in the East, adding a sense of serenity and happiness. On reels 2 and 4, you can also find wild symbols. This can replace most other symbols and help match the winning line.

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This slot machine took place in a seemingly damp, mysterious woodland kingdom, a perfect habitat for a prince frog to spend his days. It may not be the most beautiful game on the market, it is full of moss and mucus, but its aesthetics has clearly been thoroughly thought out, aiming to imitate the original fairy tale. Therefore, players can escape from a world of enchantment and miracles without having to kiss the frog in person. Because that would only be very strange.

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This fruit slot machine has 5 reels and 20 paylines. The reels are placed on a purple screen and various fruits are hovered over the reels. The payline is displayed on either side of the reels, your winnings are on the top right, and the jackpot is on the top left. The control panel below your reel will allow you to adjust your bet and set the read odds table and rules. There is a small message bar at the top of the reel showing different messages about how to win.

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In Fengshen, the wildness is represented by yin and yang, which is the philosophical and religious symbol of ancient China, depicting the opposite and opposite forces - and the basis of popular culture jewelry and posters in the 1990s. This evocative symbol replaces all other symbols on the base game reel. It is also the highest revenue mark on the board of directors. Five of them will reward you with 2,000 credits.

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The most common icons are gold shoes, cups, flags, clubs and golf carts. The winning combination of the Golden Journey begins with two identical symbols that are correctly arranged. The value of these first icons can range from 5 to 250 coins.

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Every game in the World Cup begins with the selection of two teams that compete against each other during the game. You can choose from 32 different teams or leave a slot for you to choose from. At the end of each "match" (after 90 spins), you will be able to win one of three jackpots, 5% bet each time, depending on the result of the "match" you just played.

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