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If you like simple online slot machine gambling, you may encounter Merkur Gaming. Like another European slot machine, Novomatic, Merkur Gaming has built a reputation for making serious games for both land and online casinos. You won't always find smooth animations or the most original bonus games in the Merkur slots, but you can't deny their simplicity.




The difference in this Spartan slot comment is that there are two sets of reels. In the base game, the player uses two sets of reels. However, when King Leonidas appears on the first reel, he will move to the corresponding position on the second reel group. The wild symbol replaces all regular symbols in the game. If you like to transfer slots for wild symbols, you will definitely get a place from this game.


The cherry blossoms sway in the breeze behind the 3x5 lattice, and the classic Chinese pavilion provides shelter for the tea, rain or shine. This lovely and quiet location is where you will be in the main event of the championship, so you need to place at least 0.01 bets on each victory line to get the ball rolling.



The game's dispersion is working outside of normal parameters; unless otherwise stated, the usual combination will be paid from left to right, which is traditional for almost all online slot machines. For Cai Shen 888, however, the scatter symbol allows for payment anywhere, which actually means you can get a combination from right to left and still bring some cash to yourself.

Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet's gameplay is very simple. You use a coin bet and you can use up to one coin per line. You can activate as many lines as you want and place a bet with a value between $0.01 and $5. So the minimum bet here is $0.01 and the highest bet is $45.




The Dollar Ball system also chooses five random numbers. If you manage to guess all five numbers correctly, you win the dollar ball bonus. On the surface, this little side game doesn't really look like much. But in fact this is a side game with great potential. The dollar ball award usually represents a change in life's cash, and certainly worth playing.


The original Water Margin video slot machine game console, the only multiplayer online game with a million prizes! Classic 15 round, 9 line slot machine game. “Full Dragon” won 5,000 and 27 bonus games and challenged RMB 100 million! The most popular slot machine game in the casino is now moving to your phone, download and enjoy the good times!






The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a video slot game of Red Tiger Games, allowing players to first sneak into Chinese history. Choose an aspect at the beginning of your turn, fight to death for the glory of your kingdom, and win a huge victory in every turn.




The game's 20 fixed paylines are placed on 5 reels in all directions, showing the location where the symbol combination needs to land in order to generate a cash prize during the game. Simply set the bet using the (+) and (-) buttons on the red strip below the reel and rotate the reel as soon as you are ready to start gambling.


Coins have face values ranging from 1 cent to 4 dollars, so the minimum bet is 25 cents and the maximum amount you can bet is $100. The existence of a bet means that the gambling range can be increased to $125 or 30 cents, with five additional credits. Five additional free spins have been added to the bonus round of the extra element.





This symbol can be used to replace any icon other than the coin scatter symbol. When you are playing the free spin feature, if you put them on your reels, these specific symbols will increase your winnings by 100%. If the dragon symbol appears on the first, second or third reel, the 5 dragon bonus function can be unlocked. When you choose an extra 5 bets, you can choose 10, 13, 15, 20 or 25 free spins in addition to the multiplier.

Thai Paradise

The aesthetics of the game is quite good at imitating the cultural heritage of the region with standard playing card icons (10, J, Q, K and A) - designed with Thai calligraphy. In addition, the bright green on a dark blue-green background makes the pitcher effortless into the tropical environment. More importantly, because the icon depicts a palace and a beautiful lady, there is still a charm - at least we think this is a lady from the head.




An obvious omission in the game's odds table is a wild symbol that can be linked to other icons to complete the victory on the payline. In other words, the rotator will have the opportunity to win more victories through simple gambling games. The double limit for this 50/50, red or black gamble is 750.00 credits.

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