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Every game in the World Cup begins with the selection of two teams that compete against each other during the game. You can choose from 32 different teams or leave a slot for you to choose from. At the end of each "match" (after 90 spins), you will be able to win one of three jackpots, 5% bet each time, depending on the result of the "match" you just played.


"Attack replay" is like a football game, you can let a player try to fight against an opponent. You start with the first reel, then move the ball toward the center, pick up the ball and direct the ball to the opposite goal. The opposing player appears on the seventh reel and moves to you to prevent you from scoring. And all the while symbols appear in other remaining positions to trigger regular prizes. When any team scores, it ends again. If you score, this position will pay you an additional bet of 1x extra bonus and add a goal for the official score of "match". If a team wins after 90 rotations at the end of the game, you can win one of the three prizes depending on how the game ends.