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Are you willing to face the cold and harsh Arctic conditions in the name of catching up with the big countries? What if the big one is not a fish but a bag of money? Lucky Angler: Snowy Catch can offer you the possibility of huge jackpots, if you can keep cooling for a long enough time to get the slot back. At the same time, you will be entertained by cute fish, lobsters and crabs, these are just begging to be caught. Art-inspired graphics, letters and numbers complement this cold environment and are complemented by soothing sounds beneath the thick ice beneath it.

The scatter symbol is a profitable element of Lucky Angler. These symbols can appear anywhere on the reels, resulting in a transition from the normal play mode to the free spin mode. If you get 3 free-rotation scatter symbols, you will get 10 free spins; 4 scatter symbols will produce 15 free spins; and five free-rotation scatters result in 20 free spins. These rotations will execute your last bet next time.


Wagers can be increased to the upper limit of 900.00, or you can choose to try the free Lucky Fortune video slot if you want to see how it works before the actual cash bet. You can also choose the autoplay feature, which means you don't have to click for each spin, and you can set them as needed, and anyone who is impatient to see the result of the rotation can change the reel speed as needed.



Like many bonus games in the GamingSoft online slot machine, there are some extra features to ensure that some wins are collected before the end of the round. In this game, the happy emperor became an expanding wild symbol, they boarded the second and fourth rounds, filled them, making it easier for him to complete the winning combination.


The most valuable sign is the sheriff, who can pay up to 45,000 credits when you collect full-screen icons. When this symbol appears on the center reel along with the female sheriff and the wild, it can also trigger 30 free spins. However, if we notice one thing in our comments on the Money Bang Bang slot, it is that these prizes are nothing compared to the prizes offered by the bonus symbols. Collect full-screen wild icons and slots for a mouth-watering bonus of up to 1,080,000 credits.


As you may have noticed while reading the Money Bang Bang review, this slot is one of the games that can appeal to any type of player. Not only can you play Money Bang Bang under any budget, but the game also comes with free spin bonuses, two-way mechanics and prizes that can make your head spin, which really has little room for complaints.

Little Fantail

Matching symbols need to fall from the left side of the payline to the adjacent reels to win in the base game, and the usual high card icons will rank lower values, but therefore more frequent prizes. 9,10, J and Q are all given the same value. When stopped on 3, 4 or 5 reels, the return is equivalent to 5 times, 20 times and 100 times of each line bet, where K and A mean 5x, 25x and 125X.



To help the punter collect extra bonuses in this round, if there is a wild symbol full of a roll at any point, it will remain locked to any remaining free games, if more than one or two reels are wild, This will become very beneficial. Although the bonus rotation cannot be restarted, once completed, the day will return to the reel and the player will return to the main game.


GamingSoft's Mystery Lake of Pearl background shows that as the sun begins to fade, the waves roll towards the coast, the gorgeous scrolls are inlaid with gold borders, each end has a fish bookmark, plus a unique oriental tunes reverberating each time. You click the spin button - if you decide to fish in the middle of the night, it can make you sleep!


The mysterious Pearl Lake video slot features 5 reels and 3 rows of beautifully designed symbols, including 40 fixed paylines, and you can connect at least three matching symbols from the leftmost reel. This means you can project from the lower limit of just 0.40 points to the line in the mysterious lake - if you get caught up in the symbol of good luck and trigger any exciting rewards, this is a small price!


This slot offers some great music, great graphics, and a gameplay that gives players an amazing experience and stunning visuals. As I expected, it has free-to-play features, and the wild (the ability to replace on a reel may help reveal the big win), scatter (special symbols are usually associated with the mechanics of the online slot and do not require the combination needed to win) Inside, they can reward you for winning or extra games, or they can activate the unique features of certain slots, and if you are lucky enough, you can increase your expenses)




This game has 8 standard symbols, all of which contain a variety of well-designed cartoon-style aquatic creatures. The lower half of the payline is occupied by lobsters and seahorses, and any one of them is 5 times, 25 times or 125 times the value of the line bet, depending on how many reels they pass through and looks angry. The value of the pufferfish and pink jellyfish is 15x, 125x or 250x, respectively.



If the castle picture below the wave appears on reels 1, 2 and 3 at the same time, the jackpot function begins and the mini, minor, important or big prize wins are guaranteed, although the player is only 10% of the overall prize at the minimum bet level. Only those who reach the maximum limit can get a 100% jackpot.


GamingSoft developers are using the Midnight Carnival slot machine to develop this trend. Those who bravely load these reels can enjoy some powerful fine-grained moves that draw real cash reward potential from high-pay symbols and wild. The bonus game is a free spin, you can get up to 25 spins in all wins, up to 5 multipliers.


The Midnight Carnival video slot is cleverly integrated with escapism, with powerful design, top-of-the-line illustrations and the advantages we often don't see in online gambling games. The enchanting carnival background offers rich shades and nostalgic charm with some juxtaposition of pain and violence. These symbols and 10 card poker can provide 10x to 1,000x bonus for your line bet. Players will find that they can get multiple winning combinations on 50 paylines on a 5x3 reel. Although, each line has only the highest victory.

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