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Age Of God Fate Sister

There are four different reel backgrounds and reel groups on the new Fate Sisters slot. Each sister has its own dedicated shrine for their respective bonus rounds and one for the base game. They are all typical Greek designs, with high columns and spacious open areas that accommodate reels. All the text on the slot is classic in the era and can be recognized immediately, but we don't want to see so many low-playing digital icons.




This allows us to neatly carry out a feature round, triggered by three distractions, allowing you to choose the temple to worship. Atropos'Thite has no wild animals at all, but it does give you 15 times the freedom to spin and increase the multiplier. The starting amount is fixed, anywhere is 2x-5x, and each time Atropos appears on a reel other than the middle, it will increase by 1, when she does not decrease. When Atropos is inserted into the intermediate reel - an additional three rotations are granted.