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Wu Long

The reel will spin and bet on its own until you decide to go back to normal mode. No matter what you decide, your bonus will accumulate and be automatically transferred to your personal hideout. If you can't wait to see how these symbols are arranged, then Turbo Mode can make the reels spin faster.




The rest of the menu includes a paper lantern, a set of fireworks, cymbals, drums, two Chinese women waving folding fans and majestic temple entrance gates. Although less common, these symbols bring more interesting rewards, so it may be a good idea to pay attention to them throughout the game. In the dragon, the dragon is a symbol of luck and prosperity. On the reel, it will bring you many free spins, giving you an extra chance to win the grand prize, free of charge.

Yu Wang Da Di

The Chinese alphabet symbol is a wild symbol in this game, and if you manage to rotate 5 matching symbols, this icon can reward up to 10,000 coins. Since this is a wild symbol, it can also replace other icons in the game to create more potential victories.




The higher your bet, the greater your chances of getting this jackpot, so the maximum amount you can pay can be paid in order to activate this huge potential reward. Another good choice is Shanghai's secret, an oriental-style game, this time with dazzling themes, bright graphics and a charming atmosphere. Enjoy free spins, rewards, distractions and many interesting buildings on the reels.

Age Of God Fate Sister

There are four different reel backgrounds and reel groups on the new Fate Sisters slot. Each sister has its own dedicated shrine for their respective bonus rounds and one for the base game. They are all typical Greek designs, with high columns and spacious open areas that accommodate reels. All the text on the slot is classic in the era and can be recognized immediately, but we don't want to see so many low-playing digital icons.




This allows us to neatly carry out a feature round, triggered by three distractions, allowing you to choose the temple to worship. Atropos'Thite has no wild animals at all, but it does give you 15 times the freedom to spin and increase the multiplier. The starting amount is fixed, anywhere is 2x-5x, and each time Atropos appears on a reel other than the middle, it will increase by 1, when she does not decrease. When Atropos is inserted into the intermediate reel - an additional three rotations are granted.

Zao Chai Jin Bao

There is also a phoenix symbol representing the renewal and a pair of koi positions in the yin and yang position, symbolizing the good fortune of the coming year. The wild symbol of the game is presented as a man in traditional oriental clothing, while the scatter icon is a golden hat.




Even the lower-valued card symbols in the game - 9, 10, J, Q, K and A - are also associated with projects in the Chinese New Year celebrations. For example, the 9 icon has an orange color, which is one of the real gifts for young children. Zhao Cai Jin Bao is another slot machine in the Playtech software game that celebrates Eastern culture. It's undeniable that rotating players who like their video slots will find more exciting spins in games like Silent Samurai and Fei Long Zai Tian.

Age Of The God Furios 4

When you think of Greek mythology, there may be some different names: Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, Hera and Athena. However, the greatness of the Greek Pantheon is that it extends to a wide variety of gods, including a variety of interesting stories and features of the gods and gods.




Playtech can use 20 paylines in this slot machine, but if the player wants to reduce the value of the total bet, the player can choose to use fewer lines. However, even if you really want to use the maximum payline capacity, you can still keep low bets, starting with 0.01 on each payline.

Zao Chai Tong Zi

For slot machines, there may be no better mascot than a poor child, who magically brought money to the people of his kingdom. Zhao Cai Tongzi takes this legend as the theme and features four-person children's characters. Each person holds the iconic image of Chinese traditional culture - koi, gold yuan pot, mature peach and gold-like bat-shaped symbols. However, what really makes the spinner feel good is the chance to win a line bet multiplier worth 10,000x, not to mention that all paylines are paid in both directions.




Unfortunately, this slot machine is a bit lightweight in the bonus game, there is no free spin or extra side games to break the basic game action.

Age Of The God Prince Of Olympus

The legend of Hercules is perhaps one of the most famous stories of ancient Greek mythology. The reason is just an epic epic. The typical Greek hero (also the son of Zeus) is known for his superhumanity and his bold adventures, also known as 12 workers. These stunts include killing a giant lion, a nine-headed sea monster, eating human raptors, and capturing a variety of creatures and precious treasures such as Artemis, Erymanthian wild boar, Cretan bull and Saber. Ruth's golden back - the three-headed hound guards the underworld.




The protagonist of this slot machine is covered in all the right areas, depicting the trademark headdress wearing Nemea killing the lion and the golden gold. In fact, the quality of the graphics presented in this game is very gorgeous. The detailed two-dimensional illustrations represent the iconic symbols in the heroic story, such as the spiked club, the reinforcement band, the golden apple, the three-headed Cerebus and the nine-headed beast. snake.

5 Tiger General

Five Tiger Generals has only 15 paylines - this number remains the same in true Playtech mode - the maximum cost per spin is limited to 6 Euros. However, due to the value of the winning general, this proves to be an obstacle to winning large sums of money. When you successfully color the color-matched general on the first 4 reels, the fifth will rotate to determine the final general color required to complete the collection.




When this happens, the reel will outline the flame; click on it and the fifth reel will stop. Even if you have proven that there is no success in matching 5 identical generals, 4 is enough to give you some decent cash.

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