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Captain Roger

The only way is to start from there, although the cannon fires a 150x prize, the cutlasses pay 300x, and the anchor pays 400x. However, the highest prize is reserved for Neat Beard himself, and his arrangement of all five icons is worth 5,000 coins.

Fortunately, you never have to walk in this fun slot, although expanding wild pirates may make you walk with pirates as they will unroll on reels 1, 3 and 5 and other prizes The icon is shrunk to the appropriate size. Then they will replace them so that you can get more combinations when possible. I always thought that you had to be a female pirate, but what she called her ruby seemed to be very generous to her treasure. Find her 3 icons, she will give you 10 free spins, find 4 icons, she will give you 20 free spins, find all 5 icons, she will give you an amazing 50 free spins - all, Even more amazing, triple prize!