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Bounty Of The BeansTalk

The odds are provided by the book and we have calculated the total amount. The maximum multiplier is 1,000x. Finally, according to the official information provided by the manufacturer, the video slot, Beanstalk's Bounty theoretical expenditure percentage is 93.9992%. The game also offers bonus rounds, prize rotations, spell symbols, jackpots, and other options to ensure instant entertainment.




For other good things, the giant's treasure bonus is ahead. This game puts the player in the position Jack has made, making it the top of the bean stem. But now, my goal is to grab all sorts of treasures. When triggering the Giant's Treasure Reward game, players need to use Jack's scatter symbols, one of which is five and one of which is five. In the game, players have the opportunity to choose to start the game from the sleeping giant.