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Lava Island

Rather than a happy beach and sheltered tropical jungle, there are many wild beasts waiting for the hungry expression on their faces. Choose piranhas, tarantulas, snakes and crocodiles plus volcanoes to reappear. There are also some indigenous people, but can you be sure that they are friendly? You will play 5 reels in a traditional 5x3 configuration. There are up to 30 paylines, but if you want to reduce the usage, you can use the plus and minus keys on the home screen to reduce this.





You can also change the value of each coin from a minimum of 0.01 to a maximum of 1.00. If you really want to raise your bet, there are ten separate bet settings. The Max Bet button will push the bet to the limit so you don't have to manually manipulate everything. But be prepared, if you choose Max Bet, the wheel will start spinning immediately; unless you are sure, don't click on it!