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When you finish the job (and do a good job), you need to sit down and hope to appear wild during this time. Seeing that the field already has its multiplier, the spoils of your snow journey can become very large.





Given the small payments, big bonuses, rounds of bonuses and cute 3D designs, we have to ask what might make anyone want to play this slot machine? The answer is nothing. Of course, if you don't like this theme, or have something about gameplay, then we can't help you feel it. But for us, Iceland is a commendable casino game.

Jack The Pirate

On the reel, you will find a lot of symbols to accompany you for adventure, including Jack himself, a parrot wearing a large handkerchief, a telescope, a ship wheel and a treasure chest. As you spin the wheel, a happy little beach lodge will ring and spur you to move forward.




You will play on 5 reels configured in a standard 5x3 layout with up to 9 paylines. The plus and minus buttons below the reel allow you to change this if you prefer to play the game. You can also choose to play the value of the coin between 1.00 and 20.00, giving you the chance to bet or bet.

Lion Emperor

Accepting an emperor, especially an animal, is not the one you should do easily, so it is best to pay a bet worthy of the king. This may mean that you jump directly to the Max Bet widget and invest a large 500 euros, but you don't need to do this to suppress the aggressive tendency of the lion. You can easily play 0.50 euros and still be alive. The bite of the chin was bitten, just like it.





Since no king does not have his subjects, many other exciting animals will appear throughout the game, some of which bring a lot of cash prizes, you can save money. Although few people approach the lion, they will of course try to steal his thunder. When they can't compete with his awesome nature, a series of bonuses will rise and challenge his authority.

Jing Shi Bai Nian Festival Lion

You may have seen most of the symbols in other games of this type, including a young girl, some Chinese coins, a paper lantern, a drum, some scripts, a gold ingot, a red purse and some firecrackers.





This is triggered by landing at least one lion mask anywhere on two, three or four reels; the lion (or lion) will now expand to cover all positions on that reel and you will get a free Respin.


Lucky Feng Shui has 5 reels and 15 paylines, a little more than the other Spade Gaming slots. The side menu allows you to choose a coin denomination, and you can place up to 3 coins per turn, and you can select multiple paylines as needed. The usual turbo and autospin game modes are also available, but in general Lucky Feng Shui offers more options than most slots in the same developer.





Lucky Feng Shui stands out in other Spade Gaming slots for its higher volatility, better graphics and richer game selection. We really like to sneak into its unique universe and play with different symbols. In terms of prizes, we can get very good prizes without having to push all in one round. The field team was a big help from the start, but the free spin was ultimately harder than we expected.

King Pharaoh

In addition to the Scattered and Scarab, the wild symbol represents all the icons in the winning combination, the latter being the jackpot and rewarding the highest prize. To get a jackpot, you need to play with the largest number of coins. If you hit 5 Scarabs, the bonus will be awarded to you as long as you bet the maximum bet.





All wins are paid from left to right, except for the dispersion. You can choose to place up to 5 coins per payline with a coin value between 0.02 and 1.00. Pharaoh's biggest bet will cost you 100 points.

Lucky Baby

The Lucky Babies slot machine has a Chinese theme and features outstanding features. In this 5-axis 20 payline slot machine, you can play at least 0.20 to a maximum of only 10.00. Bare, scattered, free spins and up to 1,500 non-cumulative bonuses are hidden in the scrolls of Game Art's online slot machine.


We were amazed at the maximum bet of only 10.00, as we met many online slot machines with a maximum bet of 10,000 spins! Therefore, use a lower bet to get a lower jackpot - but for a 10.00 bet, 1,500 is excellent. Rotate the five wild temple symbols and you will be awarded a non-cumulative bonus sum. Four of the wild temple symbols have the same bonus as five of the boys holding the gold cup - 500.00. The squid's baby girl will receive a 250.00 bonus on your payline, while the other two babies will receive 125.00.

Lava Island

Rather than a happy beach and sheltered tropical jungle, there are many wild beasts waiting for the hungry expression on their faces. Choose piranhas, tarantulas, snakes and crocodiles plus volcanoes to reappear. There are also some indigenous people, but can you be sure that they are friendly? You will play 5 reels in a traditional 5x3 configuration. There are up to 30 paylines, but if you want to reduce the usage, you can use the plus and minus keys on the home screen to reduce this.





You can also change the value of each coin from a minimum of 0.01 to a maximum of 1.00. If you really want to raise your bet, there are ten separate bet settings. The Max Bet button will push the bet to the limit so you don't have to manually manipulate everything. But be prepared, if you choose Max Bet, the wheel will start spinning immediately; unless you are sure, don't click on it!

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