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It seems that some people think that this theme is a bit too much, but it is obvious that a group of viewers are eager to have the latest slot machines with Chinese images, and offer these exciting bonuses, even if the style does not suit your taste, it will certainly gain some great potential. Before we look back at how it works, let's look at the design first, and GamingSoft obviously spent a lot of time and effort to ensure that Bau is good-looking.


The lower value victory line is made up of colored playing card symbols 9 to A, where 9 or 10 appear on a line with a maximum of 500 coins, while J and Q each pay 750 coins and K or pass the pay line right It will win 1,250 coins at the price of 100 coins. Although these are very standard symbols seen in slot machines, there are some unique value symbols of higher value, and unlike the playing card icons that need anything worth at least 3 reels, these only need to fall on the reels. 1 and 2 are worth a try.